You are very welcome to watch our offer presented by this short Kinship course promo:

Still interested? Then you may wish to watch this longer video about the course:

This course is based in part on Jack Miller’s Sonship course (with the kind permission of Serge, formerly World Harvest Mission), combined with elements of the Transylvanian Kinship course (developed by the local Good Shepherd Ministries). The latter draws heavily upon the experiences of believers who suffered for their faith under the Communist rule of Romania, encountering God in a remarkable way.

If I am a son or daughter of God, asks Sonship, why do I live as if I’m still a Fatherless orphan? How does the Good Shepherd lead me and how do I know that I am as safe as one of His sheep? The Kinship course continues this theme by asking, if I truly understand that I am a son or daughter of God, do I experience and live the Gospel like an only child or like a sibling?

We would like to share with you and help you apply the practical life coaching of Kinship. This retreat helps Christians to apply the great biblical truths of salvation, sonship and fellowship in a personal and practical way in order to grow in faith, and aids participants both in self-knowledge and in knowledge of their Savior. Opposing selfish individualism, it presents the blessings of fellowship in community with the world-wide Body of Christ. With the help of counselors, the teaching is put instantly into practice on a personal level. During the course of the retreat, the goal of personal growth in faith is pursued through an intensive program including lectures, group discussions, individual mentoring and prayer partnering.


4 thoughts on “Kinship

    1. Dear Henk,

      We’re so glad! The way to register is as follows. Go to the heading “Online Registration.” Click on the dates for which you wish to register, which in your case is July 12-17. An application form should pop up, and you can fill it out.

      It looks like we have a good group forming now, and we are so pleased that you may be bringing friends. Let us know if for some reason the registration is not working for you – it seems to be working for us.

      The Kinship team

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